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Private Lessons

There are a number of reasons to consider private lessons:

  • Group settings can be too stimulating for reactive dogs so private lessons provide the perfect environment for learning.

  • Individuals who are not able to attend our scheduled classes due to scheduling or travel distance too far for regular sessions

  • Teams seeking individualized lessons that focus on specific areas that are based on your current needs. For example: contact work for an agility dog; perfecting heeling with your rally dog; working on confidence and motivation with your pet for exercise.

Homework may be provided if it is needed to remind you what we were focusing on during your lesson. We also recommend bringing a notebook to capture key areas or exercises to focus on. ​


Email to schedule a lesson and give details on what you would like to focus on during your lesson.

Virtual Learning

We also offer two virtual learning options - video review and live Zoom 1/1 lessons.

Video Review: identify 2-3 trial or training videos you would like to have reviewed and any specific questions or areas you would like feedback on. Robin will analyze the videos and summarize observations and things for you to work on, along with answering any questions you might have.

Zoom 1/1 Lessons: You can request a focused topic of interest in any of the dog sports that we train and Robin will put together a session to work with you.

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