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 Our dog agility classes will teach you how to maneuver and direct your dog through the course efficiently, while using positive methods and having a dog that wants to be on course with you. We work on building a solid foundation so there are no future problems once we start running courses.

If you have not trained with Robin Ford Dog Training before, Robin will need to do an evaluation to see where your dog will best fit in. The evaluation takes about a half hour. Sometimes what is an advanced dog at one training center is an "open" level dog in our classes. 

Our agility group class sessions are 5 weeks long.  Private agility lessons can be set-up as well.

Our Facility

Our facility has a matted, heated, and air conditioned crating area. The agility arena flooring is a nice well-packed sand giving good traction for the dogs, while not causing injury.  The arena is open to individuals for private rentals on an hourly basis. We allow one person at a time to rent the facility. For more information, fill out the form on Contact Us or Classes page. 

All of our dog agility equipment is made by Mark's Agility Equipment and is competition grade. The same quality equipment is used by dog agility trials in the Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana area. Check out the website for more details on ordering equipment.

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