Classes are 5 week Sessions  you need an evaluation first 

Parkour Class   Sunday   11:30  8/30   

  Puppy  Class         Tuesday   4:30    9/1

 Agility Beginner    Tuesday    5:30    9/1             

 Agility                   Tuesday    6:30    9/1      

 Agility beginner    Tuesday    7:30    9/1



NW intro                  Wednesday 10:00    9/2

Beginner Agility       Wednesday   11:00   9/2                                                            

Beginner Agility       Wednesday    4:30   Full       

Nose Work Intro     Wednesday     6:30   9/2

Nose Work Intro      Wednesday    7:30   8/5




Parkour Classes coming soon - we'll meet at different parks for the 5 week session

     Parkour is a physical discipline teaching dogs how to move and be aware of their

                                 bodies similar to human Parkour.

We also have board and train for puppies as an option  $400.00 for 1 week 

teaching manners and basic commands. Puppies live in the house with us.                            




Class Sign up and Evaluation Request

Off Site K9 Nose Work Training

Location : McCord Road school      WhenFriday August 14th 5:30-7:30

                  4304 N McCord Rd, Sylvania, OH 43560

                Please bring a crate for you dog ,we'll be using everyones cars to work vehicles.

** Cost is per dog or you can have two dogs and take turns on each search  or pay for each dog and do all searches with all dogs

All Agility Equipment is provided by Mark at:


Schedule Available Upon Request

Private Lessons Available

Contact : Robin Ford CNWI 


Ford Arena

12706 County rd 10-3

Delta, Ohio  43515

T / 419-923-8201


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