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K9 Nose Work

NW 1 NACSW First Place

Big Mac 15 months old NW 1 High it Trial 

 Robin Ford NACSW Certified Canine Nose Work Instructor  

  Odor Recognition Test  Judge

  C-WAGS   Scent Work Judge

 AKC   Scent Work Judge 



K9 Nose Work is a new dog sport developed by

a team of professional dog trainers that worked with certified search and rescue teams and drug detection dogs. Designed to provide all breed and temperament types with an outlet to use their natural hunting and scenting abilities.


     K9 Nose Work builds confidence, provides a mental outlet for your dog and builds a solid foundation for those thinking of getting into Search and Rescue or tracking work while learning the nose work "games" and hunting skills. Our class prepares you to compete in Nose Work Odor Trials if that's your interest. For more info check out


Class Policy


In all K9 Nose Work classes, dogs will be worked one at a time.

Dogs not working will be crated; I have crates available in the arena for your use or your dog can be left in your car.

All "types" of dogs are welcome, reactive dogs will wear a red bandana .


Nose Work Indication

Big Mac 4 year old     AKC Detective   &  NACSW Elite 3

HC , MACH  Elite Rush & Robin  


Which Class is For Me  ?

Beginner Nose Work Class  

Goal of this class is to teach your dog "hunting" is fun. Building a strong desire for the hunt and search before odor is introduced.

Most people take two sessions of this

   class to make sure their foundation is strong. Just like agility contacts a poor foundation can lead to later problem with searching for odor.


Introduction to Odor Class

Goal of this class is to introduce your

dogs to odor , while also increasing the challenges they have to face while searching.


Group Nose Work

These classes are focused on what the group needs to work on, such as containers or vehicles.

robin ford dog training, dog training toledo, dog nose work

     NW 1 Title Exterior Search "Rival "

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