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Magna Wave 
and Small Animal Massage Certified

Having been involved in dog sports for over 20 years, I have learned the importance of dog massage and canine conditioning to maintain their health. Because of this, in 2012 I completed the Integrated Touch Therapy course Canine Levels 1 and 2  along with Reiki 1 and 2 to help maintain my dogs health and wellness.

Then in 2020 I received my MagnaWave Certification 



Pamper Your Pooch!
Email Robin :  to schedule a treatment

Magnawave at Robin Ford DogTraining

ZEB  healing    and    Hands on Massage

dog massage, pamper your pooch

- Increased flexibility

- Increase circulation

- Reduction of muscle tension and soreness

- Enhanced muscle function

- Help an aging dog feel more comfortable in weak or sensitive areas


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