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AKC Farm Dog Test-2 Judges Present
Held on Sunday : 2024

Location : 12706 County Rd. 10-3 Delta,OH 43515

Click on PDF button to get entry form and trial info.- posted after AKC approval

Below are the 12 Test Requirements , this is a pass / fail test.

Check in is 8:30am.  and handlers meeting will be at 8:45 am for morning group

First test will begin at approx. 9:00 am.

Second briefing at approximately 12:00 and first afternoon dog starts at 12:30

Location details will be sent the week before the event, questions email Robin

Test 1: Greet the judge The handler approaches the judge with the dog at their side on a loose lead. The dog must not jump, or show aggression or excessive shyness.

Test 2: Walk around the farm and a passive strangerThe handler walks the dog on a loose lead at least 200 feet around a variety of objects and near a sitting person.

Test 3: Jump on hay/straw bale - Handler instructs the dog to jump on a bale and stay until released by the judge.

Test 4: Walk past farm animalsHandler walks the dog on a loose lead in view of penned farm animals.

Test 5: Walk over or through unusual surfacesThe handler walks the dog over three unusual surfaces, such as a plastic tarp, a sheet of plywood, and metal grating lying flat on the ground.

Test 6: Supervised separationThe handler places the dog in a crate and walks out of sight for a minimum of 1 minute.

Test 7: Pass through a gate - The dog stays while the handler opens the gate, passes through on the handler’s command, and stays while the handler closes the gate.

Test 8: Handler feeds livestock - The dog is tethered while the handler approaches and feeds livestock in an enclosure.

Test 9: Reaction to another dog - The dog remains stationary on a loose lead while another dog is walked by twice, about 10 feet away.

Test 10: Reaction to noise distraction - The dog is exposed to two common farm sounds (such as hammering nails, leaf blowers, tractor engine, etc.) and must not panic.

Test 11: Dog approaches livestock - The handler approaches penned livestock with the dog on a loose lead. The dog may not lunge or be fearful or aggressive to the stock.

Test 12: Physical examination - The handler examines the dog for plant material or debris collected while working on the farm—examining the ears, eyes, mouth, coat, and toes.

                                 Test items 2-11 may be conducted in a different order than listed.

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